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SkinWhite Prom Planner

beauty school



The Secret to Good Looks
Look good and feel fab! We are listing simple and inexpensive ways to look beautiful.

The Party Goes On (Where to Go After Prom)
Know where to best extend the magic of prom night.

This prom season, SkinWhite has put together a one-stop site with everything you need to be fabulous on prom night! Feel free to browse around all the useful sections.
We hope you have a great prom!

Get the Prom Look that's right for you

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planning tools

Prom Prep Planner

The prom has to be planned! Know what to do every step of the way to make your prom night perfect!

Budget Planner

Whether you'll save or splurge, keep track of your prom expenses with this simple budget planner!

beauty school

prom look

One of the most important questions for prom night: "What am I going to wear?" Girls spend years dreaming and planning the perfect ensemble for what is probably going to be the most magical and memorable evening of their teenage years.

These days, what the stars are wearing on the red carpet provide so much inspiration. What's more important than finding the perfect dress is finding a dress that fits your body type, and more importantly, your personality. From the classic to the quirky to the simply fab, here is a guide, inspired by the most raved-about dresses on the red carpet, on what to wear on prom night:

Demi Lovato

Style statistics: Be red-carpet fabulous in a floor-sweeping bustier gown with an embellished bodice.

The inspiration: Demi Lovato's peach, chiffon dress at the Golden Globes.

Best for: Pear-shaped figures; the rounded bustier top emphasizes the chest area and the waist, while the gathered folds at the hips help camouflage and trim the hips.

see photo

Diane Kruger

Style statistics: A twisted halter dress with contrasting color paneling.

The inspiration: Diane Kruger's own choice for the Critic's Choice awards

Best for: Top-heavy bods; the halter style and the wide bands will help tone down the chest area without sacrificing the stylish, sexy factor.

see photo

Kate Beckinsale

Style statistics:Bag prom queen honors in this sexy, stunning yet simple gown with a bustier top and fishtail bottom.

The inspiration: Kate Beckinsale's white red-carpet wear for the Golden Globes.

Best for: Straight-column type figures; this corset dress will give you a waist and the fishtail or mermaid style will give more curves to the hips.

see photo

Emma Stone

Style statistics:A filmy Grecian-style dress cut low down the front

The inspiration: Emma Stone's belted tulle dress by Lanvin at the recent Globes ceremony.

Best for: Lean girls who want to draw attention to their waists; apple-shaped figures should stay clear!

see photo

Michele Williams

Style statistics:A black and white wrap dress with a rosette sash that is both grown-up and girly.

The inspiration: Michelle Williams' sateen Chanel dress for the Critics Choice Awards.

Best for: The gown's contrasting shades and column-like silhouette will help lengthen the body and help a petite girl stand out.

see photo

Katherine Heigl

Style statistics:Look elegantly glamorous in a simple asymmetric sheath dress.

The inspiration: Katherine Heigl's tangerine gown at the premiere of her new movie, One for the Money

Best for: Athletic, big-boned figures; the asymmetric neckline will help cut down and de-emphasize broad shoulders.

see photo

Mila Kunis

Style statistics:Channel an ultra-feminine vibe in a long, lacy, scoop-neck sheath.

The inspiration: Mila Kunis' lavender dress at last year's Academy awards.

Best for: Skinny types who want to look more full-figured will surely benefit from this lacy creation.

see photo

Nicole Kidman

Style statistics:Dazzle the whole ballroom in this figure-hugging column, intricately-beaded column dress.

The inspiration: Nicole Kidman's red-carpet choice for the Golden Globe Awards.

Best for: Hippy types; the beads, strategically placed at the a downward diagonal angle help slim down the hips while the inverted halter pulls up the chest area.

see photo

Taylor Swift

Style statistics:This flirty full-skirted halter dress is a sure favorite in proms.

The inspiration: Taylor Swift's short stunner at the Teen Choice Awards.

Best for: Apple-shaped bodies; the full skirt helps balance out a top-heavy figure.

see photo

Selena Gomez

Style statistics:A strapless mini dress with a chiffon train detail.

The inspiration: Selena Gomez's dress at the Teen Choice Awards.

Best for: Petite figures; both the short cut and the train detail make you look extra-tall.

see photo

prom look

No prom dress is complete without the perfect shoes. Whether you're wearing a floor-sweeping gown or a shorter, flirtier version, what you wear on your feet should merit the same amount of attention and careful planning. Here is a guide on which shoe styles go best with your dream prom dress:

Style statistics:Shoes that rely on a detailed ankle cuff or band, embellished with beadwork or other funky details, to make a statement.

Wear it with: A dress that falls just above the knee (don't wear with a dress that's cut mid-calf, else you'll look shorter) or a long dress with a slit up the leg.

Bejeweled T-strap sandals
Style statistics: Glamorous heeled sandals with an beaded or bejeweled line running up the vamp (that part of the shoe that covers the top of the foot).

Wear it with: A solid-colored dress that needs an extra kick.

Cage shoes

Style statistics:Shoes with straps that cover the entire foot, making it look like it's, well, caged!

Wear it with: This style adds more edge to a simple sheath dress or a classic LBD.

Classic sandals

Style statistics:Your basic slip-on style either in gold, silver or black.

Wear it with:Any formal dress.

Peeptoe shoes

Style statistics:The more playful, cheekier cousin of pumps with a circular opening at the toe.

Wear it with:A short and girly full-skirted dress.

Platform pumps/ Platforms

Style statistics:This shoe is the most visible style in the market now, comes in different variations and can go from day to night.

Wear it with:A simple, structured sheath or more unconventional dresses veering to avant-garde.

Satin pumps

Style statistics:A closed toe dress wrapped in the shiny, luxe fabric

Wear it with:This style nicely will nicely complement a lace dress.


Style statistics:Open at the back save for a strap that holds the shoe together, this style is a little bit more comfortable than a pump.

Wear it with:A short dress or one with a slit at the back.


Style statistics:Gold or silver studs give a rock 'n' roll edge to a classic formal shoe.

Wear it with:A simple unembellished dress or gown.

prom look

Bejeweled and Baubled

Prom night is your time to shine — literally. Your formal get-up wouldn't be complete without the dazzle and glitter afforded by gemstone-embellished jewelry and beaded evening bags. The secret is not to over-accessorize. Pair bigger, brighter pieces with simpler cuts, but go easy on the stones when your gown is already fully beaded.

Accessories complete your get-up and sneak in a confidence boost. So lift up your head, walk tall, and set off your gown — and your soft, radiant skin (courtesy of the moisturizing combo of SkinWhite Classic Whitening Soap and SkinWhite Classic Whitening Lotion SPF 10 Hydrating with Lycopene) — with these ensemble-enhancing pieces.

Chandelier earrings

Style statistics:Big, dangling statement earrings that intricately follow the shape of a chandelier.

Wear it with: Wavy hair falling to your shoulders or down the back; let the earrings sway along with your hair.

Bib necklace
Style statistics:A cascading, multi-layered necklace made of connecting chunky gemstones, or stones stitched onto a fabric cut out to resemble a bib.

Wear it with: A plain, solid-colored strapless or high-necked dress; the attention-grabbing bib necklace can stand alone as your only jewelry for the night.

Gemstone bracelet/cuff

Style statistics:Round wrist candy embellished with colorful gems or beads

Wear it with: Dresses with long sheer sleeves or simple unembellished pieces that need glamming up

Geometric bracelet

Style statistics:A structured bracelet fashioned following a minimalist design.

Wear it with:A column dress or sheath also in a minimalist style.

Cocktail ring

Style statistics:Chunky rings adorned with huge gemstones.

Wear it with:One or two other cocktail rings spread out across the other fingers of both hands.

Collar necklace

Style statistics:Stiff round metal choker-necklace shaped like a T-shirt collar

Wear it with:An unadorned strapless gown.

Gemstone bracelet/cuff

Style statistics:Round wrist candy embellished with colorful gems or beads

Wear it with:Dresses with long sheer sleeves or simple unembellished pieces that need glamming up

Disc earrings

Style statistics:Round sizeable earrings, often in gold, that are sometimes etched with design or adorned with vintage-looking details

Wear it with:An elegant slicked-back hairstyle.

Drop earrings

Style statistics:Long, dangling pairs that are a sleeker version of chandelier earrings.

Wear it with:A messy updo or with a dress that bares your shoulders.

Envelope clutch

Style statistics:A sleek clutch bag with a flap on one side resembling a letter envelope.

Wear it with:Nearly anything!


Style statistics:A small, compact, structured evening bag clasped at the top.

Wear it with:Classic, grown-up styles or elegant floor-sweepers

Funky shoulder bag

Style statistics:A small evening bag adorned with fun, trendy décor such as feathers, beadwork, flower brooches or metal studs

Wear it with:A flouncy, flirty cocktail dress.

Tassel necklace

Style statistics:A long necklace ending in a tassel.

Wear it with:Simple low-cut dresses.

prom look

All Pretty for Prom

Your dress fits perfectly, you've mastered walking in your new shoes, you've convinced Mom to lend you her best earrings. All that's left is too icing your glam prom ensemble with dazzling hair and makeup. If you have the budget for it, we recommend having your hair and makeup done professionally. Salon stylists would have the tools to recreate the hairstyle you want while makeup artists would have a variety of shades that would best suit your skin tone, plus, to your parents' relief, salon professionals would also know what look is appropriate for your age.

Prettifying for prom, however, doesn't start at the salon. Start the process at home by making sure your skin is the best canvas for the makeup look you want. Prep your face by clearing it off deep-seated dirt with Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser. Follow it up with a moisturizer like SkinWhite Powerwhitening Face Cream Powder. Light and non-sticky, this cream magically transforms into face powder and, as it's available in White, Rosewhite, Light Beige, Natural Beige shades, also doubles as a primer or makeup base.

When at the salon, show the artist and hairstylist pegs of the hair and makeup you want. Get some ideas from your favorite Hollywood actresses and their best red-carpet moments:

The look:
Silvery white eyeliner, combined with a messy ponytail.

The inspiration: Jayma Mays' fairy sprite-pretty look at the recent SAG awards
Best with: Short, girly frocks; the messy 'do and the silver liner are playful touches to complement a knee-length prom dress.

see photo

The look:
A sleek and sophisticated updo with mega-maximized lashes

The inspiration: Katy Perry's surprisingly subdued look at the launch of her fragrance "Purr" in Germany last year.
Best for: Chinita girls; length and volume on the lashes help open up the eyes and add some youthful sparkle

see photo

The look:
Glossy pink lips are a playful match for long straight hair and bluntly-cut full bangs

The inspiration: Kim Kardashian when she hosted the New Year's Eve party at the Tao club in Las Vegas
Best for: Girls with broad foreheads or high hairlines

see photo

The look:
A half-ponytail worn high up on the head given a sexy look with bronze eye shadow and barely-there lip color

The inspiration: Freida Pinto's red-carpet look at the Globes
Best for: Dresses with a metallic sheen to them such as gold, copper, pewter or bronze; dark-colored dresses.

see photo

The look:
Sideswept hair, glowing cheeks and nude lips for a look that's both sweet and sexy.

The inspiration: Miley Cyrus all grown up at the People's Choice Awards
Best for: Girls with a bit of a golden glow to their skin

see photo

The look:
Red lips give a glamorous edge to an easy updo with side-parted bangs

The inspiration: Olivia Wilde's simple yet elegant mien at the 2011 Fresh Air Gala Fund in New York.
Best for: Fair-complexioned girls who are not afraid to stand out with bold lip color.

see photo

The look:
Side-parted hair with bubblegum pink lips

The inspiration: Lea Michele at the recent People's Choice Awards
Best for: Prom-goers who have a slight wave or curl to their thick, dark hair.

see photo

The look:
Channel your inner goddess with a braided updo and berry lips

The inspiration: Glee girl Diana Agron's hair and makeup at the Screen Actor's Guild awards
Best with: Elegant, Grecian-style dresses

see photo

The look:
A sweet updo secured by a rhinestone-studded headband and a girly pink blush

The inspiration: Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes
Best with: Ultra-feminine pastel-colored dresses that bare your shoulders

see photo

prom directory



made to order

Happy Andrada
Known for: Funky frocks with frou-frou details
Address: J. Erestian St. cor. K1st, Kamuning, Quezon City / F. Manalo cor. F Blumentritt, San Juan
Tel no/mobile: (02) 211 1589; 0917-5242779
E-mail: happyvandrada@yahoo.com
Website: www.happyandrada.com / www.happyfart.com

Martin Bautista
Known for: Fluid, figure-hugging silhouettes that will transform you from girl to woman
Address: 803 Princeville Condominium, Laurel St., Mandaluyong
Tel no/mobile: 0917-5665662
E-mail: martinmbautista@gmail.com

Camille Co
Known for: Simple styles set off by quirky detailing
Address:Coexist, Unit A Dana Executive Studio, 8022, Tanguile st., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
Tel no/mobile: 0917-5386563
E-mail: cam_co8@yahoo.com

Eric delos Santos
Known for: His playful use of prints to create evening stunners
Address: Unit 923 Prince Plaza 1, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Makati
Tel no/mobile: 0920-9264342
E-mail: eric_dlsantos@yahoo.com

Maureen Disini
Known for: Floor-sweeping gowns that will make you feel like a Greek goddess
Address: 19/F The Ritz, 6745 Ayala Ave., Makati
Tel no/mobile:0917-8911104

Sassa Jimenez
Known for: Girly frocks with cute details
Address: 2194 F. Zobel St., San Miguel Village, Makati City
Tel no/mobile:(02) 899 0947/ 0917-5542893

Jot Losa
Known for: His penchant for experimenting with fabric to create sexy, modern designs
Address:416 Erdes Bldg., F. Blumentritt St., Brgy. Kabayanan, San Juan
Tel no/mobile: 0917-8515672

Tippi Ocampo
Known for: Using unconventional and playful embellishments
Address: 21/F, Unit 21-D South Wing, Fairways Tower, 5th Ave. cor. McKinley, Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
Tel no/mobile:(02) 824 7342/ 0917-8170952
Website: www.tippiocampo.com

Kate Torralba
Known for: Printed, colorful dresses that will brighten up any ballroom
Tel no/mobile: 02-729 1229

Kristel Yulo
Known for: Her love for beadwork and dazzling embellishment
Address: 136 Yakal St., Makati City
Tel no/mobile:(02) 211 9430; 0917-8263669
Website: www.kristelyulo.com

ready to wear

What's in store: Deconstructed designs for the girl wanting to go a bit avant-garde
Located at: Filipino Zone, 2/L, Greenbelt 5

What's in store: A collection of pretty frocks from upstart designers
Located at: Markati Pallazo, 3/L, Podium

Jun Escario
What's in store: Luxurious-looking gowns fit for the girl running for prom queen
Located at: Filipino Zone, Level 2, Greenbelt 5

What's in store: Straight-from-the-runway creations by the country's top designers such as Randy Ortiz, Ivar Aseron, Joel Escober and Chris Diaz
Located at: Filipino Zone, Level 2, Greenbelt 5

What's in store: Glamorous styles that will make you feel every inch of a lady
Located at: Filipino Zone, Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati



Gaupo by Cesar Gaupo
Known for: Elegant, high-end and ultra-luxe feet candy
Address:Filipino Zone, Level 2, Greenbelt 5
Price Range: P6000-P35,000

Maco Custodio
Known for: Funky, geometric shoes that can double as a table sculpture n
Address: 803 Princeville Condominium, Laurel St., Mandaluyong
Tel no/mobile: 0922-8886226
E-mail: maco.custodio@gmail.com
Price Range:P5,000 up

Monica Fig Chaussures by Monica Figueroa
Known for: Stilettos that mix exotic animal skin with embellished lace or satin
Address:Coexist, Unit A Dana Executive Studio, 8022, Tanguile st., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
Tel no/mobile: (02) 502 3908 / 0917-300 0420
E-mail: monicafigdesigns@gmail.com
Price Range:P4,500 up

Solea by Emi Jorge
Known for: Sleek and sharp stilettos that make your feet look oh-so-sexy
Address: Level 2, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell; Level 2, Trinoma; Bonne Bouche, Filipino Zone, Level 2, Greenbelt 5
Price range: P4,000 up

hair and makeup


Basement Salon
Located at: Has branches in Powerplant Mall at Rockwell, Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Ortigas and at Eastwood City
Tel no/mobile:(02) 899 6666 (Rockwell); (02) 638 2033 (Shangri-La Plaza)
Website: www.basementsalon.com
Price: P2,500

Benefits Style Salon
Located at: 2nd Floor, Citywalk 2, Eastwood, Quezon City 1100
Tel no/mobile:(02) 421 6961
Price: P2,500

Frank Provost
Located at: 120 Jupiter St, Bel Air Village, Makati; El Molto Building Madrigal Avenue, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel no/mobile:: (02) 895 3404 (Makati); 772-3284 to 86 (Alabang)
Price: P2,420

Henri Calayag
Located at: : G/F The Residences in Greenbelt, Makati
Tel no/mobile:: (02) 799 1495 / 0920-918 1880
Price: P2,500

Jesi Mendez
Located at: Has 12 salons nationwide
Price: P1,500

Jing Monis Salon
Located at: Unit 303, 3rd Level, Greenbelt Mall, Makati; North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel no/mobile: (02) 893 4098 (Makati); 0917-521 4480 (Alabang)
Price: P2,500-P5,000

Salon de Manila
Located at: Has six salons within Metro Manila
Price: P2,500

Ystilo Salon
Located at: Has 24 salons nationwide
Price:P800-P1,000(regular); P1,700 (airbrush)



California Nails and Day Spa
Located at: Eleven branches nationwide
Price Range: P450 (regular mani-pedi); P630 (mani-pedi spa)

Dashing Diva
Located at: Beauty Bar stores in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell; Robinsons Manila; TriNoma, Quezon City
Tel no.(02) 898 2042 (Rockwell); (02) 567 2326 (Robinsons Manila); (02) 901 5560 (Trinoma)
Price Range: P550 (regular mani-pedi); P1,475 (mani-pedi spa)

Nail Spa
Located at: Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City; Gamboa St, Legaspi Vill, Makati; The Block, SM North Edsa
Tel no.(02) 687 7011 (Shangri-La); (02) 817 3128 (Gamboa); (02) 441 0323 (The Block)
Price Range: P460 (regular mani-pedi); P1,595 (mani-pedi spa)

Located at: Has 27 branches nationwide, mostly in SM malls
Price Range: P400 (regular mani-pedi); P750 (mani-pedi spa)

Posh Nails
Located at: Has 15 branches nationwide
Price Range:P365 (regular mani-pedi); P700 (mani-pedi spa)



California Nails and Day Spa
Located at: Has 11 branches nationwide
Website: www.californianailsandayspa.com
Price: P695 (facial); P750 (body scrub)

Located at: Has 32 branches nationwide
Website: www.flawless.com.ph
Price: P350 (classic facial); P2,000 (body scrub)

Guinot Institute
Located at: Level 5, Wellness Zone, Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City
Tel no/mobile:: (02) 635 4538
Price: P2,500 (facial)

Institute Clarins
Located at: Heaven on the Fifth, Level 5, Rustan's Makati
Tel no/mobile:(02) 817 8414
Price: P2,800 (facial); P2,100 (body scrub)

Let's Face It
Located at: Has 68 branches nationwide
Price: P245 (facial); P510 (body scrub)



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